John Mikesh

Marketing Manager

License Number: 253319
Originally from upstate New York, John Mikesh has always had a passion for all things “home.” Prior to settling into his career in real estate, John worked in the fields of…Read More »

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Jennifer Mikesh

Owner / Manager

License Number: 255996
Jennifer started her career in real estate after relocating to North Carolina from New York in 2006. Her past experience includes a degree in drafting and design, as well…Read More »

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Andrew Morgan

BIC & Listing Lead

License Number: 278241
Andrew has a Real Estate background with deep family roots. His Grandfather owned and operated a Real Estate Brokerage for over 40 years, where his Mother worked as an agent for…Read More »

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Doug Catropa

Buyer Specialist

License Number: 288941
Doug Catropa is a licensed Real Estate Broker and Buyer’s Specialist. With a background in health care and small business entrepreneurship, Doug has a vast…Read More »

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Matt Crepas

Buyer Specialist

License Number: 301545
Matt along with his wife Samantha and daughter reside in Cornelius…Read More »

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Oliver Cross

Buyer Specialist

License Number: 48124
Oliver Cross is a valued member of the Roost Real Estate team. All of our agents spend time familiarizing themselves with your property, so that they are all aware of the unique…Read More »

Meet Oliver

Kolleen Mikesh

Buyer Specialist

License Number: 267867
Kolleen Mikesh began her real estate career at a time when many were leaving the profession. During the “great recession,” the real estate industry was challenged arguably more…Read More »

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Ally Merriman

Ally Merriman

Buyer Specialist

License Number: 307154
Stay tuned for more information on Ally…Read More »

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Mandy Miles

Buyer Specialist

License Number: 283164
Mandy Miles is a licensed real estate broker and REALTOR. She brings a passion for exceptional customer service to the home buying experience. Mandy recognizes the excitement …Read More »

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Candice Farnie

Buyer Specialist

License Number: 256483
Candice began her career in real estate at the age of 21. In the years since, she has taken on many roles within the industry, including new home sales, listing agent…Read More »

Meet Candice

Kim Butler

Real Estate Buyer Specialist – License Number: 301321


Kim Butler moved to North Carolina from Long Island, NY and serves as a Buyer’s Specialist for Roost. Actually, Kim was a Roost client before she became Read More »

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Rose Rich

Executive Administrator

Rose Rich recently joined ROOST as our Executive Administrator. Rose has an extensive background in real estate, having worked as a real estate paralegal in law offices for many yearsRead More »

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Cindy Meekhof

Listing Coordinator

A recent transplant to the Lake Norman area, Cindy spent the majority of her life living in the Grand Rapids area of Michigan. Moving a few years ago to be closer to her two sons…Read More »

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Ken Mikesh



Ken Mikesh is a valued member of the Roost real estate team. He brings his history of success to improve our client interactions everyday. We know you will appreciate…Read More »

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Amber Eaton

Real Estate Buyer Specialist – License Number: 305174



Amber is a licensed Real Estate Agent and REALTOR. Prior to beginning her career in Real Estate, Amber worked for Estee Lauder CompaniesRead More »

Meet Amber

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