How to Avoid Seller’s Remorse

Too often, we see homeowners walk away from the sale of their house feeling regret. Here’s how you can avoid that.

Unfortunately, some homeowners have regrets about selling their house after the deal is done. I wanted to point out the most common regrets sellers have in the hope that you can avoid them when the time comes to sell your house:

1. Not putting enough time and/or effort into getting the home ready to sell: This could mean not staging the home, not painting to neutralize the home’s aesthetic, or not cleaning enough. This one is common because after the house is on the market, it’s too late for these things. Many sellers will get consistent feedback about these shortcomings and feel regret because they may have known that they should have done them, but didn’t.

2. Not starting to look for their next home soon enough: Many people put all their focus and energy into getting their home ready to sell and then suddenly, they have a buyer making an offer. Many times these people don’t know where they’re moving to yet, which creates a lot of stress and anxiety. We encourage you to actively look for homes at the same time you prepare your current home to sell. If your real estate agent does a good job and sells your home quickly, you’ll need to know where you’re going.

Many sellers make the mistake of hiring a friend or relative to sell their house instead of a seasoned professional.

3. Not using an agent: Many homeowners hear that the market is doing well and try to go it alone. Some even get far enough along to actually sell the house on their own. However, many of these sellers often look back and wonder if they could have gotten more for the home or if the whole process would have gone more smoothly if they had hired a professional to handle it.

4. Not choosing the right agent: Most people know an agent somehow – whether they’re a friend, relative, or someone you know from a place like church – and choose them based on that relationship. I encourage you to interview at least two or three Realtors to really get a feel for what’s available and the different services they provide. Then, you can choose the agent you feel most comfortable with who you feel can sell your home for the right price in the right timeframe.

If you have any questions I can answer or you’re thinking about selling your house, don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email. I’d be glad to help however I can.

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