Black Friday Safety & Shopping in Moorseville

It is time for the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season. We have compiled some Black Friday Safety Tips that should help protect you this coming weekend. Black Friday Shopping is upon us and loaded with great deals! More “Bang for your Buck” as they say! Being the unofficial beginning of the Christmas shopping season, Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year. Be careful out there!

Black Friday has become more and more popular since 2005, shopping this day can be exciting but can include chaos, at times be extremely hectic and even dangerous. Hordes of people rush to get through the doors and wait at the display until the very moment when come time to grab that great deal on the shelf in front of them. This would be a perfect gift for their loved one if they can get it before it’s gone!  Getting through the crowds can be a challenge!

Despite attempts to control the crowds of customers, minor injuries do occur within every year due to the pushing or being thrown down during the patron’s stampedes. While most injuries that occur are minor, there have been more serious injuries reported over the years along with intentional violence.

Shopping on the busiest day of the year can be dangerous.

Black Friday Safety & Shopping in Moorseville

  • Lock your car and hide away your treasures! This will help detour theft from those that would break-in, grab the goods or steal your car.
  • Secure your personal belongings! Keep your wallets, handbags and belongings close. Never leave personal items alone in the cart.
  • Clean out your wallet before leaving the house! Remove personal identifiers that you will not need during your shopping adventure. The less personal information that can be stolen, the safer you will be from a thief if your bag is snatched up. Leave extra bank cards, credit cards, insurance cards, your social security card and birth certificates at home. Always avoid showing those around you large wads of cash.
  • Park in well-lit areas! When leaving or approaching your car be aware of your surroundings. Avoid distraction and stay alert, for example, wait to text or make that call until you are safe in your vehicle.
  • Walk towards the center of the parking lot aisle to make yourself more obvious to drivers who are attempting to back out of their parking space.
  • Keep your kids close at all times! Be sure to discuss a meeting place should you get separated.
  • Be civil and courteous, don’t push or pull and do what you can to avoid injury from other shoppers within the stores. They all want exactly what you came for of course.
  • Protect your little loved ones throughout your shopping extravaganza and be sure that they remain out of harms way.

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