FiveFast and Easy Energy Tips

Five Fast and Easy Energy Saving Tips

There are many ways to reduce your home’s energy usage. Options range from involved and expensive updates to quick and simple changes. We’ve rounded up five of the fastest and easiest energy saving tips we could find. We hope they help you to conserve energy, while also lowering your utility bill.

5 Fast and Easy Energy Saving Tips

1. Use energy efficient light bulbs
2. Unplug chargers after use
3. Turn off appliances in standby mode
4. Wash laundry in cold water
5. Turn of lights when not necessary

Bonus Tip
: Use smart power strips

In addition, many utility companies offer savings programs and/or incentives for your effort. From bumping your thermostat a few degrees during peak use hours to upgrading to newer, energy efficient appliances many provide monthly and one time billing credits and rebates. One such program in the Lake Norman area is through our local electricity provider, Duke Energy. They have taken energy saving and turned it into a fundraiser!

Duke Energy’s “My Energy Kit Challenge” looks to save 10 million kilowatt hours during each school year. To reach their goal, participating schools’ staff and families request free energy kits which contain tools and resources to help them find ways to save and reduce energy use throughout their homes. Each unique kit request helps the school win cash rewards of up to $2,500 and enters each family into a drawing for $1,000! To learn more about this energy saving way for your school to earn cash for kilowatts, visit: https://myenergykit.org/

Conserving energy doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming, it simply takes awareness and a willingness to make small changes in your everyday life!

To help you remember these quick and easy tips, we’ve created a → Printable Reminder just for you.